Saturday, June 3, 2017

A comment at the News and Record's Allen Johnson column on Mike Barber

Mike Barber admitted he misled Greensboro's taxpayers and electorate on the Aquatic Center, and the News and Record never called him out on it

Why Mike Barber freaked out about naming salaries of non profits benefiting from City of Greensboro Taxpayers, and the News and Record never called him out for benefiting from City of Greensboro Taxpayers through First Tee of the Triad

Mike Barber is a direct beneficiary of Bryan Foundation money via First Tee of the Triad, through which he pads his income along with Greensboro taxpayer support. Barber had a conflict of interest
and should not have voted on Jim Melvin's Megasite project, and the News and Record never called him out for benefiting from City of Greensboro Taxpayers

Arthur Winstead Jr., Treasurer for Mike Barber's City Council Campaign, appears to have given $250 and didn't get paid, but charged First Tee a relatively higher $15,000, and the News and Record never called him out for stealing from poor kids with taxpayer cash

Notable First Tee Board Members; Mark Brazil, Carole Bruce, George Clopton, Judge Lawrence McSwain. Carole Bruce serves on Mike Barber's First Tee board and the Bryan's Foundations, and was an owner of the Civil Rights Museum, and the News and Record never reported the information while Barber voted for money for Skip Alston and friends

First Tee of the Triad money spent 372% more to pay Mike Barber than spent on the purpose of the charity he runs, and the News and Record never reported it

Mike Barber's first City Council Economic Interest Disclosure signed on February 24, 2014, didn't disclose his profiting from City of Greensboro taxpayers, and the News and Record never reported it

Both Mike Barber's Campaign and First Tee Accountant is the same fellow, who charged the taxpayer supported Barber run 'non-profit' five times more than the accountant Mike fired the year before.

Jim Melvin of the Bryan Foundation gave to Barber's City Council Campaign, along with Dawn Chaney, John Lomax, Tony Collins, Frank Auman, Marty Kotis, Joe and Cooper Brantley, Dennis Barry, Chester Brown, Robert Braswell, Issacson's, Thomas White, Richard Beard, Justin Conrad, Florence Gatton, Mark Reynolds, Tom Phillips, George Carr, Don Vaughan, Donald Linder, Arthur Winstead Jr. (Accountant), Desmond Sheridan, David Craft, Kay Cashion, Sally Cone, Miltion Kern, Cyndy Hayworth, Robert Page, A bunch of Koury Corp employees, many of whom Mike Barber regularly votes taxpayer money to, and the News and Record never reports it, along with the same news concerning all the other purchased politicians on City Council

You are just as complicit in this charade as Barber, Vaughan, Wilkins and the others who hand out taxpayer cash to their campaign donors Allen.

Please stop pretending to be an honest arbiter of good and bad, without disclosing all the bad you, Doug, and the News and Record didn't, don't and won't bother informing our community about
Mike Barber makes money from access to City property via First Tee of the Triad at City's Gillespie golf course and Bryan Park, both funded by Jim Melvin's Bryan Foundation.

Mike Barber has a conflict of interest in  votes involving Jim Melvin's interests, and should not vote on any item involving Justin Outling, as Justin is on the board of SynerG, funded by Jim Melvin's Bryan Foundation, which if pissed off by Mike Barber voting for someone or something Jim doesn't like, could jeopardize Mike's First Tee funding provided through the City of Greensboro and Jim Melvin's Bryan Foundation, and Allen Johnson won't admit it and the paper owned by Warren Buffett won't report it.

Mike Barber lobbied for Matheny's DGI job while involved in deliberations concerning the organization's funding while setting up Zack as successor for the benefit of Jim Melvin and the Bryan Foundation.

Mike Barber is a known liar.

More than two local media sources have confirmed Mike Barber has a habit of lying.

Mike Barber Lied On First Tee Federal Form 990s three times

Barber signed First Tee's 990's, which omitted Greensboro taxpayer subsidies on the tax returns.

Mike Barber etc... put their own interests in front of the best interests of the City of Greensboro and its employees and the News and Record won't report it.

Jim Melvin led a Piedmont Triad Partnership committee, who's former CEO killed himself after being indicted for stealing money, while managing efforts to secure land for Jim Melvin's Megasit project which Mike Barber voted to fund.

Bryan Foundation board member Robert E. Long, Jr. serves on the national First Tee Board of Directors along with the Wyndam's Mark Brazil, who may also be involved with influencing Barber's votes, one of which got millions from the City of Greensboro for water and sewer down 421, which Melvin, Long others stand to profit from as long as Mike does what he is told, and the News and Record doesn't report it.

Still no reporting of Triad First Capital and David Powell.