Sunday, July 9, 2017

It's Amazing The Lies Perpetuated About Me

Got a private communication from a friend this morning. I'll not name any names but here is what I was told:

"Sat with some interesting folks today at the Farmers Mkt. Conversation went to his running for mayor. His friend knew about you and I cannot wait to share with you how the convo went. I actually liked all involved. I brought your name up on purpose and then it felt so good to firmly stand on my admiration and respect of you and your accomplishments. "Billy likes to put it out there but he's not really about solutions". Me....really. Hmm.Billy is ALL ABOUT SOLUTIONS. I AM just not at liberty to discuss these solutions with anyone presently. Billy knows lots of inside people who, like myself, are HUGE Billy Fans!! I was very surprised that the convo continued and went well. I liked the wife too!!"

Now granted, I'd like to tone down the adoration. I don't need fans. This person is among a group of people I recruited for a project that, if successful ,will completely change the way everything gets done in Greensboro and beyond, with the beauty of it being that once it gets going it doesn't need anyone-- not even me.

My reply:
"It's funny, people only believe what they want to believe. While I have no intention of becoming Mayor the campaign I published was all about solutions:

I have written hundreds of articles about solutions.

But I have noticed a trend in my website stats. When I write about the bad things politicians do I get hundreds, sometimes thousands of pageviews per article. People share the post. I get dozens of Google Plus shares and dozens of Facebook shares.

But when I write an article about solutions for Greensboro, no one shares and no one reads except the same few regular readers who read almost everything I write.

You see, Google, Blogger, and Facebook help me keep track of who is reading and sharing.

Thank you for sharing."

It has bothered me for years, this fetish people have about what they read and share. People complain all the time that the main stream media doesn't publish enough good news but if my 17 years of blogging on various blogs is any comparison, good news simply doesn't sell copy. Why would a for profit media want to publish news nobody really wants to read? After all, solutions are good news.

No, it's not that Billy Jones doesn't have solutions, problem solving is and always has been one of my greatest skills. If you search this blog for most any problem that exists in Greensboro there is a very good chance you'll find solutions I've published. The problem is that the citizens of Greensboro are every bit as sick and twisted as the rest of the world.