Sunday, July 9, 2017

Roch Smith Jr. accuses Greensboro Police Chief and City Council complicit in negligence

Regardless of whether you agree with the issue,
at least Roch engages in actual investigative journalism
unlike our local for profit press who just kiss the local bigs asses
while delivering bullshit platitudes to fewer and fewer patrons

Greensboro's population isn't going to find out
which City Council members have been on the take
from the Carroll, Kotis, Koury, Kaplan, Manning and Melvin's of our community
because of cowardice and sold out pseudo journalists
who hold their heads high thinking they are acting in our best interests
while misleading us for years

Who got $60 million taxpayer funded parking decks?

Who got another $7 million for the money pit swimming hole?

Think the News and Record is going to report how Mike Barber makes money from taxpayers?

John Hammer didn't mention it this past week.