Monday, July 31, 2017

Standing On A Land Mine

Ever felt like you were standing on a land mine, afraid to move, knowing that moving will set off the mine causing it to explode but also knowing that if you stand still you will eventually fall off and get blown up anyway? Such is the case as what I'm about to tell you about Greensboro Mayoral Candidate Dianne Moffett.

Take a look at the information above as found on the Guilford County Property Summary on the screen shot above. It shows Diane Moffett as the owner of a home located at 103 Castleton Place in Jamestown, not Greensboro.

Of course it was bound to get out as Jean Blazingame of Conservatives 4 Guilford County lives next door at 101 Castleton Place in Jamestown. Jean recently wrote Who Is John Brown? an endorsement for Mr Brown than leaves out his many lies uncovered in my 5 part series, A Conversation With John Brown.

I truly did try talking to Reverend Moffett and her Campaign Manager Joy Cook about this in multiple e-mails beginning on July 25, 2017.

Neither Reverend Moffett or Ms Cook would talk about her living arrangements.

I thought of several reasons why Pastor Moffett might own a big expensive home in Jamestown while living in a rented condo on North Elm Street valued at only $60.000 by neither Reverend Moffett nor Ms Cook ever contacted me despite my multiple attempts to contact them, to explain it away.

Funny, when our conversation started Ms Cook seemed almost overjoyed to talk with me.

Of course, this isn't entirely new news. While I was waiting to hear back from Reverend Moffett, John Hammer of the Rhino Times published:

So that's how it is? Those with a little money to throw around can find someone who is popular, bring her to Greensboro the day before registration for office ends, sign her up, and pay the bills in the hopes that she becomes our next bought and paid for mayor?

Not that John Brown is any better, he only moved to Greensboro from Randolph County 2 years ago even though his campaign materials claim he has been here for 30 years.

I get it. I understand. You're desperate. You'll do anything to get rid of Nancy Barakat Vaughan even if it means stooping to never before seen lows. I hate her too. But are we gaining anything by replacing one group of cronies with another group of cronies?

You see, desperate voters are the easiest victims for corrupt politicians to take advantage of. And you, Dear Greensboro Voters, are being taken advantage of from every direction.