Friday, July 28, 2017

Will Clark Porter Please Stand Up?

Guilford County Committee Chairman, Clark Porter never responded to any media attempts to contact him concerning the lawsuit against him for 4 counts of "erroneously" accusing voters of voting in 2 states in 2016.

Will Mr Porter respond to my questions?

You see, I can't help but wonder not only how much the lawsuit cost Mr Porter but also, did the Guilford County Republican Party have to foot the bills for Mr Porter's actions.

And I was thinking that any tried and true member of the Guilford County Republican Party might also want to know where your money goes.

But Mr Porter isn't talking.

Could Mr Porter's actions here in Guilford County be tied to events in nearby Stokes County and across the state line where the headline reads, Prominent Virginia Politician Implicated in North Carolina GOP Voter Fraud Deceit?

Yep, sure could. Seems our Mr Porter is in really big trouble. He has ties to the folks in Virginia.

Forget Washington, these are the people who are leading you into hell right here at the local level.

Now I wonder what kind of nonsense the local Democrats are up to? You know, besides being stupid. The last time I picked on the local Democrats they had to dump their Rural Vice Chairman.