Friday, August 11, 2017

EzGreensboro Has Advertising!

Somebody is going to accuse us of doing what we do for profit. Actually we've been accused of doing so for years but it simply isn't true.

But now people are going to see the banner for the Piedmont Center for Sustainability on this website and accuse us here at of being paid for advertising, making a profit from what we do. Well actually it's the other way around. EzGreensboro is giving away free advertising.

You see, the Piedmont Center for Sustainability is getting ready to embark on a new project designed to bring prosperity to East Greensboro and eventually the rest of the Piedmont Triad. And they are doing so without support from local government. You see, when you take the City's money you wear the City's noose.

That's where most local non profits make their biggest mistakes. In the rush to get up and running they start begging the City, County, and a few well known local foundations for donations. And those donations always come with strings-- strings that can never be broken short of choking the non profit to death.

Besides, do you really think the Greensboro City Council or Greensboro's status quo elites would be willing to support anything I support? Seriously?

So the Piedmont Center for Sustainability has decided to do things differently. Oh sure, like every non profit they are hoping for donations but they aren't asking for tax dollars. Yes, it's going to be harder that way. It's going to take longer that way. But the  Piedmont Center for Sustainability will never chase the City's Carrot On A Stick.

So no, they are not paying me to display an advertisement for them, I simply chose to put their logo and a link to their website on my websites.

Hopefully, someday soon I will be able to tell you just exactly how the  Piedmont Center for Sustainability plans to do what government cannot do to rebuild our local economy and our communities. And eventually they'll update their website.

And no, we're not interested in your advertising dollars so go give your money to someone else.