Sunday, August 6, 2017

More Favors For Robbie Perkins?

Correction: This post was a mistake on my part. The discounted tax bill is available to everyone who pays early. My family paid in July and was discounted $1.12.

Begin original post:

Remember Mayor Robbie Perkins of NAI Piedmont Reality? Well I learned from a News & Record blog today that a new Zaxby's restaurant is being planned for the old location of Wasabi Chinese Restaurant at 4630 West Market Street here in Greensboro so I decided to look up the tax records and guess what I found?

The discounted unpaid bill is $5,843.70 and it is addressed to the care of NAI Piedmont.

Interestingly enough, the Price Place Shopping Center located at 4626 West Market and also managed by NAI Piedmont got a discounted property tax rate as well.

And so did Baker Temple LLC, the owners of the Harris Teeter property at 4640 West Market Street. No, as far as I know they are not represented by Robbie Perkins or NAI Piedmont.

So did the Sheetz at 3941 West Market.

CBL-Friendly Center CMBS LLC, owners of Friendly Shopping Center. got a discounted property tax bill as well.

ITG Brands got a discount on their property taxes as well. Many of these property owners take their profits out of Greensboro and yet our City and County tax departments see fit to incentivize their businesses through property tax reductions the public never gets a chance to weigh in on.

So no, it's not just Robbie Perkins and NAI Piedmont. Hundreds of commercial properties are being taxed at discounted rates all across the city while homeowners and those paying rent on homes make up the difference.

And the public records don't even tell us how much the bills were discounted.