Tuesday, September 12, 2017

If I Were Mayor Of Greensboro: Part 35

A good governing platform must be set on a good foundation in order to remain standing. But a platform that cannot take into account the needs of the citizens will not only fall, but will topple the very government it seeks to lead.

Such has been the platform of Nancy Barakat Vaughan. As I have pointed out throughout this series, Billy Jones For Mayor of Greensboro and in Some Things I'll Change As Mayor Of Greensboro, our current leadership has run our city into the ground. And you can bet they have no intention of doing anything differently than they have done before.

Are you aware that I successfully sued the City of Greensboro to get them to release public records that I had waited on for over a year? That is the legacy of Nancy Barakat Vaughan and the "transparency" she promised when she first ran for Mayor.

Why should you have to fight to force politicians to bend to the will of the citizens when one man has been the voice of the people for years? Why not elect the man who proved over a year before the others even made their intentions known that his platform was more closely aligned with the will  of the people? Don't believe me? I posted the first 34 pages of my platform between May 23, 2016 and July 19, 2016-- the dates are there to prove it.

So what is Nancy Vaughan's platform? Just 1 page in which she tells you nothing.

What is John Brown's platform? Just 1 page in which he tells you nothing.

And what is Diane Moffett's platform? Diane hasn't even bothered to publish a single page that might be construed as a platform. Not even one.

And you think any of these people are more qualified to be Mayor of Greensboro than I am? Seriously? Have they even thought about how to fix Greensboro?

Or perhaps they simply haven't the time necessary to devote to running the City of Greensboro?

Yesterday I heard complaints that Lime Bikes are being left to block pedestrian access to sidewalks. Sooner or later handicapped residents will be effected. A few people are already calling for the removal of Lime Bikes. As the problem grows and people grow more angry our City Council will without a doubt begin a hand wringing episode as they try to appease everyone with laws that will never work, and things will only get worse.

I can predict the future because that is the way it is always done in Greensboro.

But if I were elected Mayor of Greensboro I would do it differently.

You see, I see problems as opportunities. All the City needs do is get out of the way.

Any responsible business should have bicycle racks. But mandating that businesses install bicycle racks at their own expense is harsh-- especially considering Greensboro's economy is down. And making the taxpayers pay for bicycle racks? That hardly seems right.

I guess we could demand Limebike install bicycle racks at every Greensboro business but we all know they'd leave town ASAP if that were to happen putting one? two? Greensboro workers out of a job.

But what if the City of Greensboro changed its signage regulations to allow businesses to sponsor bicycle racks and some enterprising young metal workers and welders started welding up attractive, artsy bicycle racks that could be placed all over Greensboro at no cost to the actual recipient?

Suddenly, a potential problem helps our starving artists, makes Greensboro greener, more bicycle friendly, clears our sidewalks, beautifies our city, and provides a small economic boost all at the same time.

This is the kind of thinking you'll get if enough of you write-in Billy Jones for Mayor of Greensboro.

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