Thursday, October 12, 2017

Life In East Greensboro: The Lucky Ones

Early in the mornings, at the Greensboro Transit Authority bus stop in front of my house, I see a little girl dancing in the street just as little girls so love to do. On her back is her book-bag and in one hand is a plastic bag from which she eats her breakfast.

Standing beside her, waiting to board the GTA bus with her, is her grandmother struggling to the little girl's infant, baby sister. In this neighborhood the little girl is one of the "lucky" ones as she got accepted to one of Greensboro's new charter schools.

Problem is: the GTA bus doesn't go directly to any of Greensboro's charter schools.

Little girl, grandma, and infant baby sister will ride the GTA bus 30 minutes from where I live to the Depot in Downtown Greensboro where they will wait 10-15 minutes or more to catch an outbound bus that could take 30 minutes to an hour to get them to the bus stop closest to their charter school.

Now should this child be a student at the East Greensboro Charter Academy (the closest charter school to my neighborhood) located at 123 Flemingfield Road then little girl, grandma, and infant baby sister will only have to travel 1.3 miles or 26 minutes on foot according to Google maps from the closest point on the GTA bus route.

Sadly, it's only 2.7 miles from the GTA bus stop to the school and according to Google maps can be walked in 54 minutes.

And Grandma with infant baby sister on her hip must make this trip 4 times a day to get little girl to and from school.

You know, because she is one of the lucky ones.

This is why I'm running for Mayor of Greensboro. Because I look out my window and see what is wrong with Greensboro every day. The problems I haven't experienced personally have been experienced by people living right here on my block-- not somewhere across town where they are out of sight and out of mind. Write-in Billy Jones for Mayor of Greensboro and write-in change for the better.