Wednesday, December 6, 2017

On Entropy, Israel, the Middle East and what may be Donald Trump's end game if he actually knows what he's doing

Do suicide bombers act in ways they think God wants them to?

If the second law of thermodynamics
means concentrated pockets of energy in isolated systems, like Earth even out over time,
where and what on Earth is more or less concentrated,
and how fast is what evening out?

If resource consumption, food production, population,
money supply and temperature,
all rose faster in the last 50 years than the preceding 5,000,
we consuming more than replenishing?

What happens when linear food production
can’t keep pace with exponential population growth?

If there is more unknown than known
like what started everything and why or if what started everything is still around,
and we don’t know for certain what happens before life or after death,
what is the purpose of cognitive existence?

Don’t do anything you don’t want done to you, unless you need to.
Don’t believe everything you think, conclude what you want because you want to
or confuse effort with result.

Give your family a better chance to succeed than your forefathers gave your parents
and your parents gave you.

Make luck happen.

Create a higher likelihood of a better present by securing need and achieving want
in the shortest time with the least risk for as long as possible,
by thinking of what and when relative to what was
and what may happen after what could happen next.

History shows again and again
how nature points up the folly of men

Blue Oyster Cult

If there’s less risk and higher return in using a plan that matches circumstances
than trying to force circumstances to fit a plan,
relax, accept and embrace uncertainty, focus, hypothesize, experiment,
observe, acknowledge mistakes, compare, question the status quo,
consider the counterintuitive, anticipate anticipation,
find strength in weakness, weakness in strength and advantage in disadvantage,
know what you own, consult wisdom, accept and learn from criticism,
look within for faults found in others, embrace differences, respect momentum,
be incremental, bypass irrelevancy, protect your flanks, calculate risk,
prepare for instability when stable, reduce to the least common denominator,
rise above and control emotion, weigh choice, adapt, practice with someone better,
commit, accept responsibility, maximize what works, minimize what doesn’t,
tear band aids off swiftly, pay yourself forward and play to win.

If the credit industry slashes trillions of consumer lines of credit
totaling about half of available consumer liquidity,
are living standards likely to rise or fall
for those who don’t step back from conformist thought
while many with collectively held erroneous assumptions fracture
succumb to deer in headlights incomprehension
compounding prior miscalculations?

Why are weak governments and/or fringe political movements
more likely to embrace religion or nationalism
in times of economic and social instability
and/or when distractions appear helpful to bury other more important issues?