Monday, December 17, 2018

Is This The End For Greensboro Mobster Rocky Scarfone?

Clicking on Rocky Scarfone will prove to you that this writer has never been a fan of the notorious "Greensboro business man" who was once held in high esteem by Greensboro's movers and shakers who are always ready to jump in bed with any con man who talks the talk no matter what his history of violence and crime.

Scarfone was so scared of the negative exposure from my 13 chapters documenting his life of crime that he backed down on his threats to sue me after hiring attorneys Rossabi, Black & Slaughter in 2014.

And now in an article titled, Rossabi Sues Scarfone Over Legal Fees, John Hammer of the Rhino Times writes:

Anyone who would do business with Rocky Scarfone is a fool.

No, Rocky will be around for a very long time because greed makes people stupid.