Saturday, January 19, 2019

The Prophecy

And yet the wall that has already been built on the border at San Diego doesn't seem to slow down the flow of illegal drugs at all.

Immigration isn't the problem. Immigration is the symptom. And symptoms point to causes.

Will a wall cure the cause or simply delay the cure?

Brick and mortar simply reinforces the division. Increases the hate and the false sense of security as one side can no longer see or understand the storm brewing on the other side.

But most would rather be victimized and encroached upon by the politicians they vote for and the corporations those politicians represent than by refugees who come to us seeking our help. The self-fulfilling prophecy cries out to build the wall. We have no choice.

Developers will tout the safety of living with your backs to the wall, communities will be built there as never before with incentives footing the bill. And the people living in the gated communities along the wall will enjoy the river that was once shared with the other side now left impoverished and dry as the waters are diverted for use only by the rich. Manifest Destiny has deemed it so.

And what was once poor refugees will then be courted and given aid by our enemies as an army is amassed, armed, and trained on lands outside of our control. Build a wall and what are now refugees seeking our our assistance will someday become the world's largest invasion force.

History repeats itself. Imagine a Palestinian Invasion Force that spans a wall 1,989 miles long, reaches from Texas to the tip of South America and a population of 600 Million people-- the current population of Mexico, Central America, and South America combined-- all countries where rich white people and their corporations are forcing people of color to leave. The cost of buying security today at the expense of security tomorrow.

We must build the wall. We must make the prophecy come true.