Friday, June 14, 2019

What Countries Could Profit From War With Iran?

The United States Government is telling us that Iran is attacking oil tankers as they exit the Persian Gulf and threatening war with Iran. That may well be true but the USA has a history of false flag wars so one must view as suspect what we are seeing in the media.

One must also look at the bigger picture and ask, who stands to gain from this war? And while I can offer no proof here are some possible players.

Oman is an oil producing country located at the northeastern tip of the Arabian Peninsula, beyond the Strait of Hormuz where the attacks have been taking place. Oil production has been on the decline in Oman in recent years so anything that might raise prices would be welcomed.

Yemen is another possible player. Located directly south of Oman and blocking Saudi Arabia any direct access to the Indian Ocean, Yemen has been under attack by Saudi Arabia and the USA for several years. While Yemen is in shambles with at least 4 different factions controlling different parts of the country 25% of the GDP and 63% of the government's revenue comes from oil. But most importantly, if I were running tiny Yemen I might look to create a diversion to draw Saudi Arabia and the USA out of my country.

And why did Saudi Arabia invade Yemen in the first place. Was it to put down the rebel uprising that seized control of the country when the previous government stepped down or were the Saudi's looking to expand Saudi borders? Perhaps Iranian support for rebels in Yemen is legit. Perhaps Saudi Arabia wants to expand their war with Yemen into Iran in order to end Iranian support for Yemen.

Like I made mention, this is speculation, but if you think anything you are currently seeing in the media including grainy, out of focus videos of boats along side big ships proves anything you only need remember the WMDs that were never found in Iraq. Who knows, maybe the Iranians were there inspecting the damage to the hull of the tanker or offering aid. The media did report that the Iranians offered aid.

It's a long shot but maybe Venezuela is behind it as a way to get the USA off their backs. The odds that the US will invade Iran and Venezuela are slim. Sure, the USA took on Iraq and Afghanistan at the same time but Venezuela is close enough to American coastlines to do damage here at home. The USA will not invade Venezuela with the Navy half way around the world. No way.

So who leads the world in oil production? That would be the USA and Russia. There's a profit motive.

And who are the world's largest oil exporters? The top 5 are Saudi Arabia, Russia, Iraq, United States, and Canada. And of note is that some of the same players I mentioned before are among the countries with the most oil reserves.

But what if it isn't about oil at all?

Just don't be so quick to believe them as our media has a long history of reporting Chickenhawk lies from both sides of the political isle.