Monday, July 1, 2019

Greensboro's slush fund jumps to $391 million from $315 million since 2016, after City Council raised taxes by about 15% during the same time frame

Page 85 of Greensboro's 2018 CAFR report;

From 2016's CAFR on page 124;

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Since July 2016, the City of Greensboro increased its budget by $46.9 million per year, more than 11%, while overall taxation increased by about 15% to pay for it

Greensboro's latest slush fund balance

Greensboro's hidden $282,210,485, which was $272,083,730 the year before, that was $273,932,356 the year before that

Fair Market Value of City of Greensboro Investments as of 6/30/2013; $281,866,902