Tuesday, December 24, 2019

The Future Of Poverty

History repeats itself. Prophets correctly interpret the current events of their times and draw out the logical conclusions to which those events will lead. It's science, not magic. History is repeating itself now as homeless people across the nation are being jailed for the crime of being homeless.

Remember the FEMA camps? It will be done privately just as is being done with border camps.
The homeless will be forced into these camps under the guise of a national emergency. When the costs begin to mount the homeless will be billed for their keep, but since the homeless have no money their debt will be sold into "indentured servitude" as were my ancestors in Wales and England.

Few will ever pay off their contracts as they won't be able to meet the production quotas in their contracts. Just as before.

My "indentured" ancestors ran away from Jamestown and Williamsburg to the Appalachian Mountains where the King's soldiers dared not go. But these new labor camps will be on farms in the Amazon and factories in Mongolia, perhaps Siberia where Americans will not speak the native languages and life outside the work camps is impossible for most. And the distance to civilization is too far.

And like the NAZI concentration camps of WW2, the residents of these camps will be marked but not with tattoos. They will be chipped and electronically tracked everywhere they go.

This is the future of poverty.

And we all know it to be true.