Thursday, December 19, 2019

The Trump Impeachment Conspiracy

Democrats and Republicans got what they wanted. Think about it. Think really hard about it. Look back on the events of all these many months with an open mind and you'll begin to piece it together.

What was impeachment really about? I'll give you 2 hints:
1. Impeachment was not about removing Trump from office.
2. Impeachment was not about protecting the Constitution.

Hell, I'll even give you a 3rd hint:
3. Look back at how both sides telegraphed their every move as if they were 9 year olds in a boxing ring having put on gloves for the first time.

We have just witnessed the biggest unplanned, un- conspired conspiracy in the history of the world.

Here, let me spell it out for you: Independent/unaffiliated voters out number both Democrats and Republicans by a very wide margin and no one can predict how unaffiliated voters might vote. The 2016 election was so close it was called by the Electoral College and neither side likes such close calls as both sides want a mandate. Even if the
Electoral College had of decided in favor of Hillary Clinton the win wouldn't have been big enough to call it a real mandate. So both the Democratic and Republican Parties need desperately to get Party members to the polls in the hopes that alienated independents will simply sit this one out.

What better a way to do it?

And both sides were in on it without ever working together.

The American voter has been duped... again.