Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Grassroots Productions Mowed Down By Local Blogger

In case you're wondering who it was who first broke the story that Betty Cone's Grassroots Productions Llc had been lax in filing Federal tax returns? It wasn't the Greensboro News & Record. On no. Nor was it any of Greensboro's other main stream media outlets. It wasn't even Yes Weekly or the Rhino Times but a lowly blogger. You see, on May 30th 2012, I published, Grassroots Productions Limited, Federal Tax Returns and disclosed that Grassroots Productions Llc was no longer filing Federal Tax Returns.

In some circles that's also known as tax evasion.

And I promise you, when it comes to Greensboro's many wealthy and powerful non profits and foundations, Betty Cone is small fry. The best (or worst) is yet to come.