Monday, September 24, 2012

Free Parking For Food Trucks

Update: The City of Greensboro has chosen to forbid Eric Robert from hosting food trucks even though his property is outside of the BID area. I see the opportunity for a class action law suit based on right to work laws coming into play.

Eric Robert, owner of what was once a feed mill located on Elm Street, one block south of Lee Street (link to Google map) has told myself and others he is willing to offer free parking to food truckers interested in doing business in downtown Greensboro.

While officially, outside of Greensboro's Central Business District, there are hundreds of people working within walking distance and thousands more who are already driving from Downtown Greensboro to restaurants much farther away.

Or you could hope you get chosen for the City of Greensboro's upcoming food truck trial and pay $20 for each 5 hour session stuck away on Commerce Place where almost nobody ever goes.

Of course, if you haven't already, you will still need to spend $150 with the City of Greensboro to get the necessary permits no matter where you park your rig.

This, my friends, is what community building is all about.