Friday, September 14, 2012

Panhandler Crackdown

I saw in today's IFYI where Councilwoman Vaughan and the Greensboro Police Department are again cracking down on panhandlers in Greensboro.

That's all well and good but previous panhandler crackdowns on the part of the City of Greensboro sent downtown panhandlers into my northeast Greensboro neighborhood where they spent years going door to door before the neighborhood finally managed to run them off. It wasn't pretty. But then 50, 60 and 70 year old men cleaning up city streets never is. I implore Councilwoman Vaughan and GPD to not force my neighbors and I to resort to the same tactics we used before as none of us are as young or even tempered as we were then.

And every grumpy old man in the neighborhood, liberal and conservative, black, white and hispanic, is armed to the teeth. Ask any GPD officer who works the area. Don't export downtown's problems to our neighborhoods and we'll not shoot at them.