Friday, September 28, 2012

Rocky Scarfone, More Failed Greensboro Leadership

I first learned of Rocky Scarfone when he bought Plum Crazys, the biker bar on Guilford College Road. Several of my biker friends there who grew up with Scarfone in New Jersey told me of his underworld connections and promptly left Greensboro for fear of their lives. Being the freaking suicidal type I'll go to my grave before I name names or say where they went.

Scarfone learned his first hard lesson about bikers-- especially Southern bikers-- when he fired the bouncers at Plum Crazys and brought in his team of buff boys from New Jersey. When you handle real bikers you do it with respect-- try pushing them around like mafia types prefer to do and they come back in legion. There's been a Mafia presence in Greensboro for over 50 years but until Rocky came to town they let the biker be. They let them be now. It took about 3 weeks before the last of Rocky's New Jersey bad boys was back in New Jersey crying to his momma having faced numbers they could never imagine possible. Scarfone then hired back as many of the previous bouncers-- all respected local bikers-- as he could talk into returning-- with raises.

After getting his ass kicked in the biker bar, Scarfone decided it might be safer and more profitable to cater to the younger crowds who frequent downtown establishments. After all, "Greensboro's leaders" and downtown developers were willing to jump in bed with anyone and kids pumped up on the latest date rape drugs are easy to control when compared to grown men with combat experience. As "city leaders" were touting Scarfone as the best thing since sliced bread I mentioned Scarfone's underworld connections in a blog thread at Yes-Weekly.

Of course, Jordan Green's first reaction was to reject outright what I had to say-- everyone does-- but being the bright and excellent investigative journalist Jordan Green is known to be, Jordan later went on to publish the cover story about Rocky's connections to a human trafficking ring on the west coast. Perhaps you remember the issue of Yes-Weekly that mysteriously vanished from news stands all over town in one night forcing Womack Publishing to reprint said issue?

A simple search for rocky scarfone greensboro will tell you all kinds of things you may or may not know about the man a simple background check could have warned "Greensboro leaders" about long before he tried to cover up shootings in his night clubs, drug dealings and other crimes against the citizens of Greensboro.

Full disclosure: I helped install the stone counter-tops in Plum Crazys shortly after Rocky bought the place and haven't returned since. Nor do I eat at Hams or any other establishment I know to be owned by Rocky Scarfone. I don't knowingly spend my money with mobsters.

And remember: Mayor Robbie Perkins was one of those "leaders."

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