Wednesday, September 19, 2012

You Can't Fight City Hall

My Daddy used to tell me that. And for the most part Daddy was right. But Daddy never ended up where I'm at. You see, for most of you to fight city hall would mean an endless battles with code enforcement, the city tax department and other city departments on trumped-up charges that never see the light of day but cost you tens if not hundreds of thousands of Dollars in legal fees so that even if you win you lose. That's the way politicians and the elite maintain their power.

But I'm a problem for the politicians and the elite in that the recent economic downturns coupled with personal health issues have already cost me everything I worked a lifetime to own. Everything, that is, except a '91 Toyota Tercell with a blown automatic transmission. Sue me, I'll leave the key in the switch and tell you where it's parked.  So you see, unlike you, I can fight city hall and I'm more than happy to fight city hall on behalf of the citizens of Greensboro who are working and barely scraping by every day in the hopes that you don't end up just like me. After all, at 56 years of age I'm never going to get it all back so why try. I'll devote my life to helping the rest of you.

Yes, I guess the elites could force the police to drum up fake charges against me to put me in jail but that would simply give me a louder voice when the cameras start rolling and the lawyers from groups like the ACLU come rushing into town. Besides, I'm friends with lots of honest hard working GPD police officers who would know better. Or they could fake my suicide but I've got that covered too. You see, having struggled with PTSD and Depression I do have a suicide plan but being the creative sort my plan is so unique no one in the world would ever guess what it is. And the two people in the world who are aware of my suicide plan have been instructed to go to the SBI and FBI should I die of any other type of suicide. And being they're professionals the law will listen.

So send me those tips, expose those dirty politicians, the kickbacks, the shady deals, the government waste. It's what I live for now, my way of getting back at those who helped destroy the city in which I've spent my life for their own personal gain. Contact me via Facebook or e-mail me at

Or have a friend contact me and arrange for a meeting. I promise I'll take your name to my grave.