Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Northeast Greensboro Bypass Plans

In case you're wondering, here's the map of the route for Preddy Blvd, aka, I-840, The Northeast Greensboro Urban Loop. Clicking on the image makes it bigger.

It's going to be interesting to hear what folks on Cotswald Avenue and the Lake Jennette area have to say about it. The lucky ones will have to sell their homes. The only thing we might notice here in my East Greensboro neighborhood is less traffic on East Wendover and US 29.

Notice the white areas between the proposed eastern loop and the actual Greensboro City Limits. Those are the areas where we should be talking about building industrial parks, not 10 miles outside of the Greensboro City Limits. As a matter of fact: some new and old industrial parks are already sitting empty within the very areas in which I speak and there's room for plenty more. And water and sewer is already in place saving Greensboro $5 Million Dollars or more per project. The White Street Landfill alone has 500 never used acres and will have access to both US 29 via Cone Blvd and I-840 once construction is finished. The proposed Guilford County Prison Farm project, airport project, Roy Carroll's county line project and other proposed projects are all sited several miles from the nearest highway.

There are huge tracts of unused farm land and commercial properties along US 70/Wendover Ave that also have railroad access. None of the proposed parks currently have railroad access. Greensboro's developers bought cheap properties with little or no commercial value with the hope they might use taxpayer monies to bring value to their properties under the guise of shovel ready when rethinking a few zoning rules would have been enough to allow for development to take place naturally.

Image stolen from Duke University.