Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Real Progress For Greensboro: First Meeting

For Immediate Release:

The first meeting of Real Progress For Greensboro aka, The Gathering of the Trolls, will be on October 29th at a time and place to be announced by Mayor Robme Perkins. Yes, as a matter of fact that is when the Mayor of Greensboro is planning his East Greensboro Summit.

Now as to whether or not we meet before, during or after the Mayor's summit will be up to the Mayor but my thinking is that being that the first project Real Progress For Greensboro will be taking on is a major East Greensboro economic development project that can easily be repeated all over the City, that Mayor Robme and everyone in attendance will want to hear the plan so why not make it as easy as possible on the local media, City Council and everyone involved. I mean, why not combine meetings, right?

I promise you, it's a lot better plan than Robme's Plan. Will the City Council support my plan? When all of Greensboro hears my entire plan the City Council will have no choice.

And for those of you in Downtown and other Greensboro neighborhoods: We're not forgetting you, we're simply starting in East Greensboro because East Greensboro has been forgotten the longest. Once you see how we do it you'll be able to duplicate it all over town.