Sunday, October 7, 2012

War Is Over!

I'm so tired of destruction. It's just not my nature.

In the coming weeks and months the City of Greensboro and the local media are going to prove me right. Odds are great they'll never give me credit for having exposed all the wrongs I've exposed and that's okay because frankly I prefer building things over tearing things down.

I've come up with a plan of economic development for my East Greensboro neighborhood that is a model that will save the City Millions of Dollars and can be duplicated in neighborhoods all over Greensboro. It won't get much support from the status quo because there's simply not much room in it for Robme Perkins and his developer cronies to steal taxpayer dollars.

There is nothing in this for me except the satisfaction that if successful I will have broken the back of Greensboro's status quo. I will not earn a dime.

This project will provide jobs, help new and existing small businesses, job training, economic development, feed the hungry, make our neighborhoods safer and raise property values.

Of course, I know everyone is wondering where the money will come from to pay for it. Well it just so happens that Mayor Robme Perkins and his developer cronies have already stolen and hidden the money away but I know where they're keeping it and with your help we can steal it back for all of Greensboro.

I will be announcing a public meeting very soon where I will outline the plan in detail. I hope that lots and lots of you will attend and volunteer to help me restore my neighborhood and all of Greensboro to everything it was meant to be. Stay tuned to this website and Real Progress For Greensboro for the announcement on when and where the first meeting will be.

Now, if you'll excuse me I must go to Burlington where I'm building the business incubator Greensboro missed out on.