Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Had They Fired Sue Schwartz She Would Have Talked

The News & Record is reporting today that the City may demote director of planning and community development, Sue Schwartz because of the "problems in the code inspections division, including a recent revelation that inspectors lost track of hundreds of code violation cases."

Why isn't Mayor Robbie Perkins and the Greensboro City Council being held responsible? It was their decision NOT to ask state lawmakers for an exemption from the RUCO ban like Charlotte, Raleigh and other cities asked for and received. The changes were designed to make the system fail and everyone involved knows it's true. That's why the Ms Schwartz being demoted and not fired-- because she did EXACTLY as her bosses wanted her to do and never rolled over on them. Had they fired her she would have talked.

"“Obviously, we are letting things slip through the cracks,” Councilman Zack Matheny said Tuesday, adding that Schwartz has been a “solid employee for Greensboro.”

An admission of guilt from Councilman Matheny? Why not tell us more, Zack, like how Robbie Perkins and TREBIC engineered the whole thing from the RUCO ban to failing to ask the State Legislature for an exemption to the ban as Raleigh and Charlotte received, to the stacking of the Post RUCO Board in favor of slumloards and the tearing down of a solid inspections department that had worked flawlessly for years under the previous leadership. Please Zack, tell us more and start with the truth.

After all, had they fired Sue Schwartz she would have talked.