Friday, November 16, 2012

Police Ask Council To Limit Club Violence

I'm angry this morning. The liquor house at 2603 Textile Drive was wide open all night last night. The police were called constantly and yet every time the police left the customers came back and the drinks started flowing. There's a pile of puke at the school bus stop and empty drink cups scattered up and down the street.

Then, without having had any sleep I read Police ask council to limit club violence in today's News & Record and the truth dawns on me:

Reginald Demarcus Wrenn was murdered in cold blood after he broke up the fight at the liquor house in my Northeast Greensboro neighborhood and the City Council CHOOSES to push the crime from downtown into suburban neighborhoods where there are no bouncers or club staffs so that even more young people can die right in front of our eyes or where there are no cameras for the Chief to refer to for his evidence.

This is typical of the Institutional Racism and Classism that has ruled Greensboro for 50 plus years and no one wants to admit their own part of the blame. And the local media? The local media is part of the cover-up.

After all, how can we sell $Million Dollar downtown condos in a city where young men are murdered on the streets in cold blood?

Myself and others warned downtown boosters and developers years ago that an alcohol fueled downtown economy would lead to this but they called us "Naysayers." I say let Roy Carroll, Uncle Milton and the rest take a big loss. After all, we all know that's what this is really all about. Maybe if we allow them to go out of business then the City will have enough money to hire adequate police officers for Chief Miller to deal with the problems.

And Chief Miller, I'd best get a good night's sleep tonight as lack of sleep goes a long ways towards an insanity defense. I gave you the solution, use it.