Thursday, November 1, 2012

TREBIC Couldn't Have Planned It Better If They Tried

Not only did the Greensboro City Council deliberately bow down to TREBIC when they failed to ask state lawmakers for an exemption ti the RUCO ban like Charlotte, Raleigh and other NC cities asked for and received but now we learn that since the end of RUCO the City of Greensboro has lost track of housing inspections.

They're blaming it on a software glitch but I think we all know an overall attitude problem is the real reason and we only need look at recent history to see its so.

Previously we learned of a stacked and ineffective Post Ruco Planning Board.

Before that it was TREBIC's TREBIC's admission of being an illegal lobbying group

And still TREBIC runs Greensboro and Guilford County Government with Robbie Perkins and Roy Carroll leading the way.

TREBIC couldn't have planned it better if they tried.