Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Project Haystack Economic Impact Analysis Questions PIRT

The Project Haystack Economic Impact Analysis paid for by the City of Greensboro and withheld for weeks has now been made public by the City of Burlington. Thank you, Burlington for having the courage to do what Greensboro was scared to do.

To the City of Greensboro, please answer the following questions concerning the Project Haystack Study as I'm sure the citizens of Greensboro, Burlington, Gibsonville, Elon and both Guilford and Alamance counties would love to know:

What data was used in this study?
Was the IMPLAN data customized? If so, how? Why?
What assumptions are behind this study? (i.e. What values did you enter into the IMPLAN system,   Why those numbers?)
How many assumptions were made for this study? Is this enough information to create a thorough study?
Has anyone done a similar study with different results? If so, what assumptions were behind that study? How do these assumptions differ?

For those who may not be aware, the City of Greensboro uses the IMPLAN Analysis Tool to conduct studies such as the Project Haystack Economic Impact Analysis and the questions I asked were recommended by the makers of the IMPLAN Analysis Tool.

I've asked the City of Greensboro in the past to respond to those same questions in reference to other economic impact studies done by the City of Greensboro but to date they have never replied to my PIRTs. Perhaps now with numerous officials from the City of Burlington and residents from all over Guilford, Alamance and yes, even Randolph counties also reading, the City of Greensboro will become more interested in answering these and other questions.

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