Thursday, May 15, 2014

Wyndham Championship 2013 Federal Form 990: Part 1

I've been looking over the 2013 Federal Form 990 recently released to me by the City of Greensboro for Piedmont Triad Charitable Foundation D/B/A Wyndham Championship. It's huge and as has been the case in recent weeks city staff gave it to me on paper. You can get your own copy by e-mailing and asking for it. Tell them Billy Jones said, Howdy.

Under the section titled, Schedule of Contributors, on Page 2 we find that First Tee of the Triad, the non-profit managed by Greensboro City Councilman, Mike Barber, contributed $10,000 to Piedmont Triad Charitable Foundation D/B/A Wyndham Championship. Isn't it strange that a non profit that claims to be helping children by teaching them life skills is giving away thousands of dollars to a golf tournament?

Sorry about the quality of the photo, I'll try to replace it with a better copy when I find someone with a better camera or working scanner. This is why I believe the City has been giving me paper copies of most everything of late.

What is even stranger is that the Wyndham Championship website claims to support First Tee of the Triad but no where in the Federal Form 990 is there a mention of any donations from the Wyndham Championship to First Tee of the Triad.

But wait, just last March First Tee announced that the Wyndham Tournament would be paying for 75 scholarships to the First Tee program here in the Triad:
"GREENSBORO, N.C. – - In honor of its 75th anniversary, the Wyndham Championship is donating 75 scholarships to new participants in The First Tee of the Triad’s spring programming, the organization announced today. The First Tee of the Triad teaches young people, ages 7 to 18, positive and effective life skills utilizing the great game of golf.

Later this year, the Wyndham Championship will become just the sixth PGA TOUR event, excluding the Majors, to celebrate its 75th anniversary. In honor of that historical milestone, the Wyndham is donating 75 scholarships to first-time participants in the spring programs being offered by The First Tee of the Triad. The next 75 first-time participants, those who have never participated in a First Tee program before, who register for the remaining spots in the spring programs, will receive a scholarship courtesy of the Wyndham Championship.

These scholarships are available to the next 15 new participants to register at Greensboro National, the next 15 new participants at Rick Murphy Golf Academy in Greensboro and the next 15 new participants at Jamestown Park as well as the next 30 new participants at Gillespie Golf Course in Greensboro.

“We are so incredibly thankful for this generous donation from the Wyndham Championship,” The First Tee of the Triad CEO Mike Barber said. “The Wyndham has been a major partner of ours since the local chapter of The First Tee was created, but this donation is above and beyond the call of duty even for the most loyal partner.

This donation will allow 75 kids to experience The First Tee of the Triad for the first time; these experiences will last a lifetime and contribute to the growth of this great game we all love. Thanks to Mark Brazil and his staff for making this happen; we are creating wonderful, potentially life-changing opportunities for kids throughout the Piedmont Triad.”

Did Mike Barber pay for 2014 Wyndham Championship Scholarships with 2013 donations from First Tee of the Triad to the Wyndham Championship? Was this entire scholarship deal a publicity stunt cooked up by Barber and Wyndham CEO Mark Brazil who also sits on First Tee's board of directors and who "earns" $341,925 in wages plus $16,635 in benefits and deferred compensation each year? Is that why Mike Barber is still refusing to release First Tee Federal Form 990s to the City of Greensboro despite the fact that the City of Greensboro funds First Tee through in-kind contributions to First Tee of the Triad.

Is this why a desperate Mike Barber is standing against transparency? Or is there more Mike Barber doesn't want you to know?

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