Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A Heritage House Oddity

According to the Guilford County Register of Deeds, The Pavilion at Heritage House Condos is owned by none other than Winston-Salem's Southern Community Bank and Trust, the same bank that held the property in repossession when a previous developer defaulted on the loan before it became Heritage House. The county records show the pavilion has no property value and the county collects no taxes.

But did the homeowners and residents of Heritage House pay to use the Pavilion? And if they did pay to use the Pavilion in any way, shape or form would that not give value to the Pavilion? And if the Pavilion had value would it not be a taxable property?

Who paid to maintain the Pavilion? Just so you know, what they're calling a Pavilion just happens to measure 5.87 acres. You see, it just happens to be the entire parking lot. How 5.87 acres of paved parking can have zero value is simply beyond me but that's what the documents say.

Will Greensboro and Guilford County officials investigate and answer these questions? Or will they continue to turn a blind eye.

There's a lot more oddities at Heritage House. In the beginning I thought this was just corruption on the part of Mayor Vaughan and Councilman Barber. Now I'm beginning to see it quite differently. The list of owners at Heritage House includes some pretty big names among Greensboro's elites and yet the city and media has never made mention of their names. Now it appears Vaughan and Barber are covering for the people who put them in power. The question becomes why?

You can expect myself and others to start naming names soon. The autopost will see to it that it gets done.

By the way, if you'd like to start doing some detective work of your own I've added an online tool box to the left sidebar of this site containing several of the tools we use. I'll add more as I think of them.