Friday, July 11, 2014

Digging In The Greensboro Dirt

I told you a while back this blog was changing and you never know what you might dig up here. Today is a perfect example.

Chickens enjoy helping with the composting. The problem for me was that my compost bins were located behind the garden gate were the chickens aren't allowed to go most of the year so this week in order to dig up some more space for planting and put my little feathered friends to more constructive work I moved my compost bins to where my chickens now have access to them year 'round.

Blossom begins her shift.

Compost needs to be rotated regularly to make it best so I worked out a deal with my little peckers-- they toss it out and I toss it back in. So far they're holding up to their end of the deal quite well as together we get compost ready to feed to the worms who will then convert it to Vermicompost-- the best soil you'll ever want to dig up.

Speaking of digging things up, what's this I hear about a certain well known local blogger having been arrested 34 times but getting away with it because he's a confidential informant? And something else about the same blogger getting a contract with the City of Greensboro-- any truth to that Councilman Barber?