Friday, July 25, 2014

Lorillard Water Quality Tests

Lorillard Tobacco has been in the news for months now but there is another issue I wish the City of Greensboro would address.

There exists a full time unnamed stream that originates from underground on Lorillard property and flows north across Bessemer Ave, Wendover Avenue, Textile Drive, Phillips Avenue and eventually into Reedy Fork Creek and the Haw River. It passes through 2 city owned parks and several housing developments where children play. Woodmere Park is one of those neighborhoods. Coming out of the ground it should be the purest water in all of Greensboro but is it pure when it leaves Lorillard Tobacco Company?

I played in that creek all the years I was growing up. I've wondered since I was a child why there are no fish in that creek. Many smaller creeks and streams are teaming with fish but none live there-- why? Could it be the water?

A few months ago I submitted a public information request to the City of Greensboro asking for results as to any water quality tests that might have been done on the creek. I know the State is in charge of doing such tests but being that the city owns most of the land including public parks and would be at least somewhat liable if children playing in the creek were to get sick I thought the city would at least have some records.

The City of Greensboro had no such records available. Isn't it about time we learned?