Monday, July 14, 2014

No Stolen Motorcycles In Greensboro?

I try to do good things when I can. That's why, when a friend asked was it possible for me to build a website that catalogs stolen motorcycles by vehicle identification number (VIN ) back in 2011 I jumped right on the task of founding as well as buying and pointing several more domain names at the site.

Sine then, any motorcycle reported to can quickly be traced by law enforcement, insurance companies, motorcycle shops or any interested party simply by typing the VIN into Google or most any other search engine and seeing if it comes up. And I'm happy to say I have had a very small amount of success in helping to return stolen motorcycles to their rightful owners. Keyword: small.

There's no charges for using the site, I only collect as much info as necessary to make it work, I sell no information and I don't realize any profits from this effort. Nor did I ever intend to. I did get a $10 donation in 2011 and all my sites together have taken in $100 in Google Advertising since then but I continue to post pictures and descriptions of stolen motorcycles along with enough information to help anyone who might find them contact the appropriate authorities. This could save potential buyers from being charged with possession of stolen property as well as helping to recover stolen motorcycles.

I'm really writing this for 2 reasons. The first is that despite the fact that I live in Greensboro, North Carolina and I'm certain motorcycles have been stolen in Greensboro since 2011, none have been reported to locally. And the second reason: I'm wondering what will happen to in the future. After all, it is a one man show.

PS. I list mopeds and scooters too.