Saturday, July 12, 2014

North Carolina Highway Patrol Cruiser 1969

It was about 2 years ago that I noticed this 1969 Ford police cruiser parked outside the NC Highway Patrol offices on East Market Street in Greensboro so I stopped in to snap some photos of this classic police cruiser from the days of old.

My next door neighbor bought one of these cars at a police auction way back when. Like this one, it was powered by a 428 cubic inch Super Cobra Jet engine. Thanks to positive-traction rear ends, these cars could top 120 MPH in less than a quarter mile with almost no tire spin and top end exceeded their 140 MPH speedometers. The only car that ever scared my daddy was a '69 Ford like this one.

How did these sleds handle? Well it was the NC highway Patrol that developed the high speed pursuit training program used by almost every police agency in the nation and perfected the bootleg turn while chasing moonshiners. Back in their day these cars were about as good on a crooked road as any car made. As a matter of fact: the suspension systems used in NASCAR today are modeled after these same old Fords. So yes, they could be made to handle quite well.

Remember these?

That's right 140 showing on the speedometer. Those speedometers were only available to police and highway patrol.

This is it's North Carolina stock number.

The interior is somewhat worn but still original.

I suspect new paint covers the exterior.

The shield has changed over the years.

I don't know if the NC Highway Patrol had radial tires back in '69 but if they did I'm almost certain they would have been Firestones and not Goodyear Eagles.

And just in case you're wondering if this car is the real deal-- try and get the state to assign you an NC license plate with the "SHP" prefix. I promise, it ain't gonna happen. If you see this car coming up behind you you'll only out run him because the officer had somewhere else he had to be.