Thursday, July 17, 2014

What Is Trouble Hiding?

Just what is Ben Holder hiding? When attempting to access his website via the Wayback Machine the following message is displayed:

"Page cannot be crawled or displayed due to robots.txt.

See robots.txt page. Learn more ."

For those who do not know, this means that Ben Holder has deliberatly installed codes that prevent search engines and internet archival sites from storing the content of his site. Do I do that? No I don't.  Does Roch Smith Jr do that? No he doesn't. Does George Hartzman do that? Nope, George doesn't do it either. But Ben Holder has something to hide, something he is afraid the world or at the very least, Greensboro might hold against him.

And just what is it Ben Holder hid from public view in order to get a $36,000 contract from the City of Greensboro? Was it dirt on Councilman Mike Barber who Ben had a recent falling out with and stormed away from a meeting saying something to the effect of, "What about that job you promised?"

And to back me up Councilman Jamal Fox says,

 “It’s my understanding that this individual was promised a job over a month ago.  If he was promised anything, that was unethical.”

Now you've got Yes-Weekly, the Rhino Times and Councilman Fox all backing up what I have to say. Who do you believe now, Ben Holder or Billy Jones?

Or was it the many posts Ben has written about Greensboro Police Officer James Hinson who is now Captain and in line to be selected to replace Ken Miller for Cheif of Police when he leaves in September? Is Ben turning a blind eye so that James Hinson can be made the next Cheif of Police without too much public outcry?

Was it Ben's posts about Heritage House, a huge embarrasement to the City of Greensboro, that needed hiding. Yes Ben, I have lots more.

Could it be Ben hasn't the time to moniter the blog for the anonmoyous commenters who might out the fact that he's a confidental informant who has been arrested 34 times? Naw, he could simply have turned comments off. Ben liked to portray himself as a hero who wore a wire to help bust the bad guys but Ben Holder was no more than a two bit criminal who turned states evidence to keep from going to jail.

Could it be the post he put up accusing me of being Jeff Martin's boyfriend that Ben Holder wants to hide. About now he's wishing he never wrote that and a whole lot more.

And Benny Boy, speaking of those 34 arrests, does the phrase, "Interest of Justice per assistant district attorney Scott Coalter" ring a bell? I've got 20 pages on Benjamin Wesley Holder's criminal record printed and laying on my desk-- anyone want to have a meeting to look it over? This is the same guy who used the confidential informant angle against his opponent when he was running against her for City Council. People who live in glass houses should never throw stones and you should have never fucked with and threatened Billy Jones.

I bet some of your buddies you rolled over on are going to be really interested, aren't they Ben?

Remember folks, this is the guy who begged me for and got my enforcement for City Council last year then turned on me for reasons I've yet to learn but can only assume because he's now gotten in bed with the winning side having gotten his $36,000 contract from the City of Greensboro. Why not take a look at what Ben got in the deal.

"Turlington confirmed that Holder was employed by the City to undertake projects between time of his awarded contract on June 30 and the start of his liability insurance on July 10."

The RFP was issued on June 13 and filled on June 30 with only 2 bidders. It was only advertised on the Internet even though it required very specific skills? The more specific the skill set the bigger the need for more advertising and longer lead times.

As far back as March Ben was known to be looking for work and then becoming openly angry and belligerent with potential employers who turned him down. His was/is desperate for money. So much so that he required $2,000 in payment up front and still couldn't afford insurance right away. Is Ben paying yet another lawyer to get him out of even more trouble?

Code enforcement has never before been outsourced by the City of Greensboro. As a matter of fact: Code Enforcement is one of the city departments that has seen recent cutbacks. Why hire outside vendors at a time when people are being let go? This job was made up just for Ben Holder.

What else are Ben Holder, Nancy Vaughan, Mike Barber and Jim Westmoreland hiding? Ben Holder worked for Greensboro Code Enforcement previously but could get along with no one-- why would they pay the same Ben Holder who we all know to be as belligerent as ever to work in the same department as an outside vendor making even more money than he was paid as a city employee?

It's called blackmail and the Greensboro Police Department needs to begin investigation immediately.

You see, Ben has fallen into the same trap as those he has gotten in bed with. Ben thinks he can dismiss anyone who doesn't agree with him as if they are nothing, stomp on them and go on as if they never existed. Well guess what Ben? Those 1,000 little brown turds might not mean much at the time but if left lying around they will sure 'nuff stink up the rest of your life.

And folks, just let me know if you want to see Ben's criminal record. You can buy me lunch.