Wednesday, August 27, 2014

City Council Drowns In Heritage House Water Bill Lies

What made them think they could keep it a secret? Didn't they know it would eventually leak causing a flood even the greatest PR campaign the City of Greensboro could possibly design would end up awash in tidal waves of corruption exposed? And what in the Hell are all these metaphores all about?

My team and I have suspected for weeks that the water bill as claimed by the City of Greensboro for Heritage House was awash in lies as well as mixed metaphores but try as we might Greensboro City Attourny Tom Carruthers resisted our every effort to verify the water bills.

Among other things we wanted to know if Meridian Convention Center located in the same building as Heritage House was on a separate water meter with separate billing from Heritage House but Mr Carruthers refused our every effort to find out citing some BS about state law not requiring him to do so. We thought it rather interesting that the City would release the water bill to Ben Holder back sometime before June 4th but wouldn't give us the same information today but try as we might Tom wasn't budging. Somebody was hiding something they didn't want you to know.

Then the story broke when an e-mail written by Tom Carruthers contained the following:

Click on the screen grab to view full size.

Yes, of course I still have Tom's e-mail I'll forward it to you.

George Hartzman and myself went by Meridian Convention Center just last week. We talked to the manager there. Meridian never closed down and is currently remodeling one of their rooms in anticipation of increased business. The owners of Meridian also own several units at Heritage House and once owned many more.

I find it interesting that two separate legal entities sharing the same water meter in the same building are given two completely different options by the City of Greensboro who claimed the building was being closed because the City was turning off the water. How is it that Meridian was afforded favors that the individual owners of 177 individually deeded properties were not?

Perhaps Tom Carruthers can explain?

Perhaps Mr Carruthers can also explain why he still hasn't released all the information concerning the billing and installation of water meters at Heritage House?

Perhaps Mr Carruthers can explain how the City was able to seize 177 deeded properties without taking anyone to court? I'm still waiting for him to answer that one as well.

Perhaps Mr Carruthers can explain a whole lot more?

And perhaps he'll be explaining all of it to a jury-- a grand jury.