Saturday, August 16, 2014

Heritage House Information Requests Refused So Far

The following questions have been asked of the City of Greensboro and have to date gone unanswered, most more than once by more than one person asking the question:

Make public details of the water bill to prove that the proper entity was being billed and that the billing was correct.

Make public details that indicate there are or are not separate water meters at 310 W Meadowview and 312 West Meadowview which are both under the same roof but deeded separately and unrelated. 312 West Meadowview is the address of Meridian Convention Center.

A list of all forgiven water bills for 2013 so that we might compare how water bills are forgiven for wealthy customers.

The last 3 years water bills for the Meridian Event Center 312 W Meadowview Road to prove Heritage House residents weren't being swindled into paying someone else's water bill?

To be continued...

Questions asked of City Council that have gone unanswered. I e-mailed these questions to every member of Council-- none have replied:

     "Whose idea was it to force everyone from the building?

    What other options were discussed?

    Why were none of the ideas I presented on my latest blog post chosen?

    Why did no one take into account the Constitutional Rights of the residents of Heritage House?

    Who told you there were no owner/residents living in Heritage House?

    You say you sent everyone a letter with contact information-- who were they to contact?

    How is it that landlords are required by law to give no less than 30 days notice of an eviction but the City of Greensboro can do the same in a couple of weeks? How many days notice, exactly, were residents given?

    Some I have talked to who contacted the city told me they were told their property was being taken by eminent domain but eminent domain requires that a project already be publicly announced BEFORE said projects are taken so legally eminent domain cannot be used. This suggests those who were answering the phone were either inept or a conspiracy is going on.

    How much did the City of Greensboro forgive in Water Bills last year? Koury Corporation alone got over $60,000. The City can forgive water bills to Billionaire developers but not poor people?"

And this one:

    "Heritage House was at one time owned by the Greensboro Housing Authority-- why was it sold?"

Why won't the people responsible for making decisions justify their actions? Is it because they have no legal justification? Taking the 5th Amendment only delivers a guilty verdict in the court of public opinion. It's not the mistake that gets you in trouble, it's the cover-up.