Friday, August 15, 2014

Mayor Vaughan: What Happened At Heritage House?

Everything was going so well at Heritage House, the media was full of reports that things were getting better right up to the last moment. Everyone was getting into the act.

May 9, 2014:

"The Greensboro Police Department and Dr. Kevin Williams, pastor of the New Jerusalem Cathedral, are rallying the local community to clean up the rundown area surrounding the Heritage House in the south side of Greensboro, an area widely considered one of the most troubled areas in the city of Greensboro. "

Also this:

" Dr. Kevin Williams is a noted minister, acclaimed motivational speaker, author and media personality. As the Pastor of the New Jerusalem Cathedral in Greensboro, Williams oversees a congregation of more than 4,000 members. Williams’ sermons are broadcast every week on the ABC and Fox affiliates in the Carolinas as well as radio stations from Alabama to Pennsylvania, reaching an audience of millions throughout the South and into the Northeast. Williams is also the house Pastor at Monument of Praise Ministries in High Point, North Carolina."

May 10, 2014:

"Partnering with the Greensboro Police Department. Help clean up local community as well as plant flowers and lay mulch. Help the community feel a since of home and comfort by beautifying the grounds."

May 10, 2014:

"GREENSBORO, N.C. – The Greensboro Police Department worked with community members Saturday morning to clean up the area around the Heritage House."

May 16, 2014: 

"The Greensboro Police Department in partnership with Dr. Kevin Williams and the New Jerusalem Cathedral will oversee a second weekend of community cleanup and outreach at the Heritage House and surrounding area, widely considered one of the most troubled areas in the city of Greensboro."

June 25, 2014:

"City leaders in Greensboro, including council member Sharon Hightower and Neighborhood Development Director Barbara Harris, gave an update on the Heritage House.

They also did a room-by-room inspection of the building to identify any code enforcement issues. In a news release the city said this is a first step toward finding a sustainable solution to the ongoing issues at the property."

Remember folks, while some problems were found not one single unit out of 177 was condemned.

June 29, 2014:

"Greensboro officials are continuing to work toward improving the conditions at the Heritage House."

Everything seemed to be going fine, everything was looking up, things were getting better. So what happened? And at that time the water bill was only $39,000, not the $69,000 the City claims today. What happened?

Maybe this June 4th communication from Ben Holder to Mayor Nancy Vaughan  has something to do with it. Perhaps Madam Mayor would like to explain before she is hauled away to Federal prison along with Councilman Barber and Ben Holder.

The links work in that last document though Ben has deleted some of them.

Oh and Ben, say hello to Tommy Moore for me. Tommy was one of the signers of the first petition to inspect Heritage House in 2012. I haven't seen Tommy in years but thought readers would be interested in knowing that Tommy's daddy is the proud owner of the last 1964 Ford gas turbine truck  in existence. The truck was one of only 2 built for the 1964 World's Fair. After the fair one went briefly on exhibition around the country before Ford Motor Company destroyed it and the one Tommy's daddy got was sent to Holmon and Moody Racing in Charlotte for testing. I'm one of a handful of people in the world who had the privilege of a ride around the block in that truck with Tommy's daddy and know people who would pay a fortune for that truck. We are talking about the same Tommy Moore, right? Tommy was the most disgusting kid in Mrs Barker's 5th grade.

Too bad our Mayor won't be around long enough to capitalize on this treasure parked in a specially built concrete block garage just a few miles outside the Greensboro City Limits.