Thursday, August 7, 2014

More Homeless Heritage House Refugees On The Horizon

From Fox8:

“We stayed in a tent one night. We stayed on the streets one night. The third night, our SSI checks kicked in on the first, so we went and got us a room,” said Jeffrey Coble."

How long you reckon Jeffery Coble and family will be able to afford to rent a room on SSI?

I spent most of the day and well into the night last night trying to get it through the the thick heads of Greensboro City Council members via e-mail what an economic, political and civil disaster they have created for the City of Greensboro. I tried to explain how most of the damage could be undone and lawsuits avoided but was told to bring the lawsuits on.

And when they see they're loosing the argument I get the same old tricks, "so why don't we spend time focusing on improving employment for those who need it rather than getting mired down in something that has made our city look bad.  If they want to sue, I would love to see this in court."

How's this for focusing on employment? The City's actions at Heritage House are putting people out of work and disrupting the economy of the entire neighborhood. Had Council ever once focused on employment Heritage House would have never happened. Note to City Council: stay on subject lest I make you look even worse.

It's not just homeowners that will sue. It's not just homeless tenants who might sue. Mortage companies, banks and insurance companies will all take losses before this is over and they've already got scores of high flying attournys chomping at the bits. And with homeowners filing bankrupsy that leaves only the entity with the deepest pockets. Apparently this city council won't be happy until our entire city becomes Heritage House refugees.

The road to Hell is paved with good intentions and most arrive there on high horses. The Greensboro City Council needs to dismount and look at who they're trampling as they ride straight to Hell.