Saturday, August 2, 2014

News & Record Proves Me Right About Heritage House

No bragg, just facts!

So where was superblogger Ben Holder on this one. Oh, that's right, he's still hiding the evidence from the public after breaking the story about Heritage House after Mayor Vaughan and Councilman Barber handed him the story they wanted him to post. For example: I wrote that Sonny Vestal was charged with stealing from trust accounts.  Today the News & Record reports:

" The company that managed Heritage House Homeowners Association lost its real estate license last year when investigators discovered that $57,000 was missing from its trust accounts.

Vestal Property Management on East Cornwallis Drive saw its license revoked on Oct. 10 by the N.C. Real Estate Commission, according the commission’s website."

Wow, you don't say. The funny thing is, Vestal is claiming innocence even though his company website was filled with referrals from Heritage House and Heritage House alone.

"As recently as Friday afternoon, VIP advertised units for rent at Heritage House, with monthly rates ranging from $350 to $650.

Vestal Property Management’s website includes a testimonial from Nina Coffey, the secretary of the homeowners association. She said the company had managed the association “for quite some time.”

“My husband, Charles Coffey, is the President of the Association, and we both feel that Sonny Vestal, along with his staff, has done an excellent job collecting and managing our finances.

“I would highly recommend Vestal as a property manager.”

Sonny Vestal has since switched his testimonials. Sonny can erase his website but he can't erase the Wayback Machine....   Er.. Well... Well actually he can erase the Wayback Machine by installing certain codes on his website but why did Sonny Vestal do so? Maybe because he's a murdering criminal bastard just like his daddy?

 Previously the News & Record would have you believe all the units were owned by slumlords. I said no. I said some of the owners lived there. I even posted letters from Heritage House owner residents. Today the News & Record writes:

"Each unit has an individual owner, most of whom rent to low-income families, the elderly or the disabled. People who live outside Guilford County own 36 units — about 20 percent of the building. That includes 19 units owned by residents of 17 different California cities."

Why did I have to prove they were lying before they would print the truth?

People regularly accuse me of being a conspiracy nut-- am I the only one who can see this one? Of course most of my accusers are friends and business associates with the crooks I point out. Here's a tip for victims of Heritage House:

The Greensboro Police Department is now quietly making the claim that they cannot press charges on their own even though the believe fraud and other felonies have taken place. Their excuse: they claim no victim has stepped forward to file a complaint. Now ordinarily the police ask victims if they wish to file charges but no one is asking refugees of Heritage House if they want to press charges because the people behind these crimes are connected to Mayor Vaughan and Councilman Barber so here's what we'll do.

If you would like to file a complaint e-mail me at so that I, along with select members of the local media, may accompany you to the Greensboro Police Department to fill out your complaint. If the Greensboro Police Department and/or Guilford County Magistrates office takes your complaint then we have record that charges have been filed. If your complaint is refused then myself and reporters will be there to report whatever bullshit story they give you, turn it over the the SBI and strengthen your lawsuit against the City of Greensboro. Come on, don't be shy, it's your investment we're talking about.