Sunday, August 10, 2014

Why Was Heritage House Ignored For So Long?

From October 14, 2007:

"I have lived at Heritage House for the past 7 months, and would NOT recommend that anyone even consider living here. I moved here on a snap decision based on time constraints, as I was moving from another state and did not see the property beforehand. Heritage House could actually be a good place to live, if the standards for the tenants they allow to live here were higher. The exterior is nice-looking, and the rooms are not bad (it used to be hotel once). The tenants, however, are a different story. Since I've been here, I have encountered drunks, drug dealers, theives, and prostitutes (I only wish I were exaggerating!). Police officers have become a common sight for me, as fights (particularly domestic situations), confrontations, and robberies occur regularly. Then, there is an idiot that has decided that sounding the fire alarm at night when everyone is sleeping is "fun." Add to that the mentally challenged individual who not only vandalizes the laundry room, but urinates in the washer and dryers. I've had to deal with drunks and loud, obnoxious fools noisily coming in late at night, cursing and fighting; I can now say that I have heard every obscenity imaginable at 2:00 in the morning. I've had random people come up to me asking for money, and have been propositioned by a prostitute trying to make the monthly rent on more than one occasion. I have had things stolen from me, only to have the person who stole it come up to me the next day asking for money! I thought that since I am a quiet person and generally kept to myself, I could "rough it" until my lease ended. However, it's kinda hard when you have bums at the door asking for money (even food!) when you leave, and when you come in every day. Some even go as far as knocking on your door (sometimes lat at night) asking for cash. It's a damn shame that good, affordable housing is so hard to find, particularly for the hard working individuals and students who genuinely care about where they live, but cannot afford more costly apartments. If management and the owners stepped up and got rid of the hoodlums and bums, Heritage House would not be a bad place to live. Personally, I can't wait for my lease to expire...I long for the day...good riddance!"

Obviously the "leadership" of the City of Greensboro is to blame for what took place at Heritage House and an anonymous letter posted in 2007 leaves little doubt that failure to enforce the law, be it deliberate or gross negligence on the part of Greensboro police and code enforcement lead to what recently took place there. Greensboro's leaders ran the thieves, panhandlers and riff-raff right out of Downtown and into a neighborhood called Heritage House just like I predicted they would do. But rather than do their civic duty Greensboro's leaders chose instead to punish the very people who were suffering the most-- homeowners who lived there-- and turn the entire thing into a media circus in attempts to make themselves more popular with the voters.

The Heritage House homeowners-- especially those who lived there-- should be suing the City of Greensboro for $Millions and the politicians responsible should be forced into court to testify as to their parts. You cannot paint this picture any other way.