Saturday, September 6, 2014

Ben Holder Knows Too Much

It has come to our team's attention in investigating the Heritage House debacle that certain connected elites in and around Greensboro are becoming quite concerned that Ben Holder knows more than they are comfortable with him knowing so to make sure that Ben doesn't end up wearing cement shoes or floating in a lake after being tossed from an airplane like Gloyd Vestal Sr. did when he killed his business partner, Angelo Pinnisi.we thought we should alert our readers that Benjamin Holder's life might be in danger.

Word has it that Gloyd "Sonny" Vestal jr is, having previously abused women and children as well as assaults, is every bit as dangerous as his father was so we're not taking this lightly. A number of connected political elites are said to be nervous as well meaning Ben could get it from several directions.

And since we know that they know Ben has been talking to a police office we thought the only way to keep him safe would be to let the connected elites know that we know what Ben knows and we know who he's been talking to. And you don't know how many we is.

So now you have a very big problem in that if anything to Ben there are a whole bunch of us who are subject to start talking... loudly.

Good luck Ben, we're pulling for you but we wouldn't want to be in your shoes.