Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Ben Holder's Recorded Confessions

Members of the Greensboro City Council and Greensboro's Interim Police Chief Captain Anita Holder were surprised Monday morning to learn that members of our investigative team have secured audio recordings of Ben Holder making several admissions that will bring the City Council's plan to exercise emminent domain on Heritage House crashing to the ground.

On recordings made last week, Mr Holder has implicated himself and others as guilty of numerous crimes and admitted to perjury in that Mr Holder never saw Heritage House before signing a petition that attested to conditions there. That petition was subsequently used by the City of Greensboro to obtain warrants to enter, search and inspect the entire building for code violations in violation of the Constitutional rights of residents and homeowners alike.

On one of the recordings Mr Holder also communicated threats to myself and others including a duly authorized police officer.

Our team has agreed to make the recordings available first to Yes-Weekly one day next week and Yes-Weekly Editor Jeffery Sykes has expressed interest in hearing them.