Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Councilman Barber Attempts Heritage House Damage Control

Today the Greensboro News & Record is reporting:

"Detectives should review financial documents G.A. “Sonny” Vestal Jr. kept for the Heritage House condominiums with an eye toward possible criminal charges, Greensboro City Councilman Mike Barber said Monday.
Barber said he wants Greensboro police to look at the N.C. Real Estate Commission’s file on Vestal Property Management, which managed the condominium complex’s homeowners association and 46 individual units."

Here's the part Councilman Barber wishes you didn't know: As a city Councilman, Mike Barber can bring forth a resolution before the Greensboro City Council to force the Greensboro Police Department to investigate. The resolution only needs 5 votes to pass.

So why hasn't Barber done this all already? The News and Record isn't reporting anything myself and others hadn't already made Councilman Barber aware of weeks ago. That's right, none of this is new to Mike Barber so why wait until now to call for an investigation and why not use his power as a City Councilman to introduce a resolution to investigate the goings on at Heritage House?

Could it be the many things our team has uncovered about Heritage House are true?

Could it be Mr Barber will have a difficult time getting 5 votes to vote for any investigation that might spill over into an investigation of City Council?

Could it be Barber is simply showboating for the next election? Best case scenario folks as Barber should have been calling for an investigation all along. Remember: it was Barber who waved the falsified Heritage House crime reports in front of the media and demanded something be done right away.

When that didn't work Barber and Mayor Vaughan recruited Ben Holder to falsify a petition to require housing inspections.

And when that didn't work they made up the story about the overdue waterbill but as our team finally uncovered there were multiple buildings all hooked to the same water meter-- why isn't Councilman Barber asking for that to be investigated?

Yes, without a doubt Gloyd Sonny Vestal is a crook-- a habitual criminal with a long criminal record-- and an investigation may very well find that Vestal cheated the residents and homeowners of Heritage House out of all or part of their money but Sonny Vestal doesn't explain the fact that Heritage House was at the same time, also being managed by the business partner of Mayor Vaughan's husband, retired State Senator Don Vaughan or what the Vaughan's involvement might be.

And if I were Mayor Vaughan and innocent, in order to clear my own name, I would be calling for City Council to demand a full investigation not only of Vestal but of the entire Heritage House history going back to the City's sale of the property years ago. Same goes for Councilman Barber, Councilman Matheny, Councilwoman Johnson and Councilwoman Hightower.

Remember, keywords: "entire Heritage House History going back to the City's sale of the property years ago."

There's your 5 votes Mike, make it happen... Have you got the balls? I'm betting that if those 5 vote yes then the vote will be unanimous. Innocent people aren't scared of complete investigations, are you scared, Mike?

And folks, unlike Mike Barber, our many accounts of Heritage House include the documents to prove what we're saying. Barber has given you nothing but talk.