Saturday, September 13, 2014

Greensboro's Privatized Water Supply

In 1986 Greensboro and 9 other communities across the Piedmont Triad formed the PTRWA (Piedmont Triad Regional Water Authority) and began the long and drawn out process of building the Randleman Reservoir amid much controversy known as the Dam Scam. Over time some of those communities dropped out of the project and others were added. Currently there are 6 member communities. But what they never told you was that the Piedmont Triad Regional Water Authority is in-fact a private corporation that is not controlled by Greensboro or any of the 5 other municipalities involved in its establishment. Document filings at the North Carolina Secretary of State website confirm what I'm saying is true.

And if what I'm saying isn't true will someone from the City of Greensboro or the PTRWA please provide me and my readers with documentation that proves otherwise? Mayor Vaughan? Tom Phillips? Jim Key?

That's right, there is nothing the Greensboro City Council can do should the Board of Directors of PTRWA decide they wish to sell Greensboro's and the Piedmont Triad's water supply to anyone they choose. Could this someday be our story too?

And to add insult to injury, Greensboro is currently under contract to buy 53% of the water the Randelman Reservoir produces. Which, by the way, is more water than Greensboro currently uses. Prove me wrong on that too, why don't you?

Again, we have a long history of corruption bleeding us dry. 85% of municipal water systems in the USA are still publicly owned but ours isn't one of them. Our communities couldn't afford to build it so they formed a private system of their own, sold bonds to finance the entire thing and created a board that answers to no one. If states like Minnesota and Michigan, both having some of the largest freshwater resources in the world, aren't immune, what makes you think we are?