Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Marcus Dalton Takes Over Heritage House?

On the eve of the City of Greensboro's planned meeting to discuss the eminent domain and resale of Heritage House, homeowners are sending me copies of a letter (Page 1 and Page 2) that make it appear as if Mr Dalton has taken control of the Heritage House Homeowners Association.

Mr Dalton speaks of doing good things but there are problems. You see, Heritage House Homeowners Association Inc is a legal entity and the reorganization of a legal entity is not an easy task. His letter mentions no legal representation and should be viewed with speculation. Yes, he mentions meetings with Greensboro City Attourny Tom Carruthers but for Tom Carruthers to represent Heritage House and the City of Greensboro would be deemed a conflict of interest by any judge in any court in the nation.

Mr Dalton may have good intentions but my advice would be to send no money until you've been contacted by lawyers.

But then I'm not a lawyer nor do I play a lawyer on the Internet so do whatever you want to do. Just remember I told you so.