Monday, September 29, 2014

UNCG Using Threats And Intimidation Against Employees

It has come to my attention that UNCG Chancellor Linda Brady and her Executive staff have possibly been using threats and intimidation against employees, possibly even going so far as to drum up false legal charges against employees.

The following e-mail and attachment was distributed among University of North Carolina-- Greensboro employees earlier today:

"As recent employees of UNCG’s University Relations Department and people who care deeply about the university, we would like to share with you the attached communication we sent to members of Chancellor Linda Brady’s Executive Staff. With the university’s well being in mind, we are sharing this communication to express our deep concern regarding recent events involving three SPA employees. We feel it is important that you, as campus community leaders and members, be made aware of actions taken against these employees, as these actions have the potential to damage UNCG’s reputation and do not align with the university’s commitment to a safe, inclusive and equitable environment.


Betsi Robinson, former Director of Communications, 2 years
Debbie Schallock, former Director of Marketing, 13 years
Andrea Spencer, former Copywriter, 11 years"

Previously I was forwarded this spread sheet showing some rather interesting facts concerning Employment and Student Enrollment that I'm almost certain Chancellor Brady would rather wasn't made public knowledge considering recent expenditures.

Perhaps it's time Ms Brady and the Brady Bunch began answering a few questions of their own.