Tuesday, September 2, 2014

What Was Mayor Vaughan's Involvement In Heritage House?

Or more specifically, what was her husband's involvement?

When the News & Record published Checks for Heritage House contradict  management firm's stance they covered Sonny Vestal's presumed involvement as the owner of Vestal Property Management, a company that was handling property management for Heritage House but what the N&R didn't tell you was that a second company, Association Management Group, Inc was at the same time writing checks and managing the homeowners association account for the Heritage House Homeowners Association. Shown below are checks from both entities: Click on any of the checks to view them full size.

You'll note the check above is Heritage House HOA, Operating Account, Vestal Property Management. The check below is Heritage House Homeowners, 614 W Friendly Avenue, Greensboro. Remember that address as it is important.

George Hartzman asked Mayor Vaughan about this on August 19th, 2014:

"The President of Association Management Group, Inc. (AMG), located at 614 West Friendly Avenue is Paul Mengert.
Per Nancy Vaughan, Paul Mengert and Don Vaughan jointly own 614 West Friendly Avenue via VM LLC."

And this:
" Per Nancy Vaughan, the Vaughan's have no ownership interest in AMG.

AMG, supposedly aka Heritage Homeowners, appears to share the same routing and account numbers on checks paid to the City of Greensboro, meaning there appears to be an indirect association in this mess between Don Vaughan and Paul Mengert."

But is it really an indirect association as Mayor Nancy Barakat Vaughan claims it to be or could the former North Carolina State Senator have ties to AMG and the goings on at Heritage House our Dear Mayor would rather not be made quite so public? To learn more we need only look at the history of Don Vaughan, Paul Mengert, VM LLC and AMG.

According to the NC Secretary of State, Vaughan and Mengert formed VM LLC in 1998. 

Don Vaughan and Brendan Messenheimer founded AMC Funding Group LLC in 2008 with addresses at 614 W Friendly Ave in Greensboro and 525 North Tyron Street, Charlotte, NC.AMC Funding Group was also known as Westridge Road LLC, 118 Grecade St. Suite 102, Greensboro and Henderson Road LLC.

 Brendan Messenheimer also founded AMC Capital Partners, LLC in 2006.

Messenheimer was the registered agent in the 2006 filing so obviously he didn't need the services of Don Vaughan as lawyer/registered agent when it came time to register AMC Funding in 2008. So much for the theory that Don's only involvement in these many ventures is as registered agent.

In 2005, Vaughan was the registered agent for Messenheimer's Advanced Medical Equipment Distribution Corporation which didn't come to a happy ending. 

It also appears that Don, Paul, Brendan and AMC Funding had a bit of a scrape of their own when some funding deals went sour and checks began to bounce. Apparently they were never licensed as a brokerage firm and Don Vaughan's name was quickly removed from any documents that might tie him to partnerships with Messenheimer and  Mengert. As a matter of fact: I've seen some of those old documents Don thought he made disappear while still a State Senator.

Don Vaughan currently manages the Colony at Country Club Condominium Association Inc homeowners association among others. Don't you think it strange that Mr Vaughan would allow his business partner to operate a business that competes directly with his own business. In 2001 Don Vaughan founded Management Solutions and Consulting, Inc. which has since gone out of business. Interestingly enough, a Bing search for Management Solutions and Consulting brings up Vestal Property Management, 504 East Cornwallis Drive, Greensboro, NC.

It's time our Dear Mayor Nancy Barakat Vaughan became a bit more forthright about hubby Don's ties to what has been going on at Heritage House. You know, before I tell it and Nancy becomes considered an accessory.

And Mike, you and Zack might want to speak up as well. You see, there's always more I'm saving for later-- isn't that right, Nancy?

And while it probably doesn't mean anything, any time I question Don and Nancy's integrity, Roch Smith Jr calls me a liar so I thought I'd let you know in advance Roch has or has had a businesses relationship with Don Vaughan as well.  You know, just like the business relationship he claimed he never had with Mike Barber.

You lied to me Roch. Then when I kept your lie private, just between those of us who were privy to the conversation, you went around calling me a liar publicly. Now you bleed as do those you lie with.