Friday, September 12, 2014

What Was Roch Smith Jr's Involvement With Heritage House

On Sunday, December 09, 2012, Roch Smith Jr posted Is Greensboro preparing to block media coverage of mass Fourth Amendment violations? In it he wrote:

" The City said in its press release that this action is in response to a petition by the building's residents, but they did not provide the wording of the petition or the names or the number of residents who signed it. A petition from your neighbors does not give the government permission to enter your home — not without your permission or a warrant."

"...a petition by the buildings residents..." that's what Roch wrote. But we now know from public information releases (PIRTs) that the previous petition, like the most recent petition, was spearheaded by Ben Holder and others of which none of them lived in Heritage House. Not nary a one.

Did the City of Greensboro lie to Roch Smith Jr or was Roch lying to cover up for his long time friend with whom telephone records will prove he talks to almost every day and has done so for years.

Roch and Ben have long been the best of friends. When Ben walked into Converge South several years ago with a copy of the report then City Manager Mitch Johnson had used to frame GPD Police Chief David Wray, Roch was the first person Ben showed the report to. Myself and others watched Ben walk in the door and go straight to Roch then the 2 of them scurried away to read the report.

Roch helps Ben edit his blog posts.

Did Ben lie to his best friend and confidant or has Roch been covering for Ben Holder, Nancy Vaughan and Mike Barber all along?

Roch also wrote in that same post:

"Media Blackout
While the City has sent out a press release inviting media to cover the raid and announcing that city officials will be available for interviews, they also have announced that the media will be confined to a staging area and no media will be allowed inside the complex where the searches will be occurring, assuring that the actions of inspectors and police will remain hidden from public scrutiny. What will the response of the inspectors and police be if they encounter a locked door, a hesitant tenant or a tenant ignorant of her rights? Due to the media blackout, we will not know. What will the response of the police be if they discover other illegal activity unrelated to building codes?"

But Roch Smith Jr, Greensboro's long time champion of citizens' rights and police oversight uttered nary a word this time even though conditions were exactly the same-- why?

What was Roch Smith Jr's involvement with Heritage House and why hasn't he opened his mouth? Roch, would you care to comment? Nancy? Mike? Ben?

And yes, Roch, I've already taken screen grabs. It's time you stopped accusing me of being a liar and started answering some questions as your credibility is now nil. I can forgive people but not as long as they continue to lie.