Saturday, September 13, 2014

Why Did The Media Lie For Ben Holder?

News media reports dating back to 2012 like this Fox8 report Greensboro inspects crime ridden housing complex repeat the phrase:

"City leaders received a petition three weeks ago from residents in the Heritage House Community."

The video states that Ben Holder started the petition but the text says it came from residents:

But as you can see by clicking on the 2012 Petition, not one of the signers lived at Heritage House, 310 West Meadowview Road. That's one of two instances in which warrants used to inspect Heritage House were based on fraudulent petitions and Ben Holder committed perjury. You see, our investigative team has audio recordings of Ben Holder admitting he never entered Heritage House. Not in 2012 and not in 2014.

This isn't just a problem for Ben Holder. A warrant based on a lie is not a valid warrant and the use of an invalid warrant makes the inspection unconstitutional. And if the inspection is unconstitutional then the citations issued cannot be enforced. Now homeowners and residents of Heritage House in 2012 and 2014 are free to sue the City of Greensboro not once but twice.

Hundreds of residents, possibly as many as a hundred different homeowners in the 2 inspections combined, Ben Holder, Nancy Vaughan, Mike Barber and Skip Alston are beginning to get too darned expensive for Greensboro to keep around.

It also points out very big problems with the City of Greensboro's petition process which will no doubt be declared unconstitutional before all of this is over with. You see, the City requires 5 residents sign the petition but the City does nothing to verify that the residents are real people, the addresses are where they really live or that the signatures actually belong to the people whose names are on the petition. Only Ben Holder appeared in person, the rest of the signatures could have been forged. People hollar IDs for voting? How about IDs for warrants that result in throwing people out of their homes and taking their property away from them forever?

There's also the issue of abuse. Ben never saw Heritage House. Was he hired to do this? Not the first time. I happen to know he was acting on behalf of a resident of Heritage House the first time-- a resident who was scared to come forward. But the issue of abuse remains.

If I wanted to I could start a petition to inspect Mayor Nancy Vaughan's home. All I need is 5 signatures and 5 addresses within the Greensboro City Limits. Once I fill out the form the Code Enforcement Department is bound by City Code to secure a warrant and inspect the Mayor's home. Yes, a waste of time and taxpayers' dollars but you can easily see how the system is just waiting to be abused and possibly already has.

Of course the first time around was all on Ben. It wasn't until Skip Alston started demanding he get repaid for having lost out on the Bessemer Shopping Center deal and threatening to withhold the Simkins PAC endorsement that Nancy, Mike and Yvonne Johnson gave in and offered up Heritage House as a means to make up for Skip's losses as Skip brokers the deals for the upcoming Rehabilitation, Conservation and Recondition of Meridian Event Center and Heritage House.

That's right, despite the fact that Meridian got it's own water meter just last month and has almost completely finished a $2.5 Million Dollar remodeling of their half of the building (I've been inside and seen it for myself) the City of Greensboro plans to take that as well.

If there was ever any doubt that this entire event hasn't been a land grab from the beginning it's all over with now.